Kevon Beresford, well-known founder and president of the Roundabout Appreciation Society and our Anorak of the Year in 2018, sent a postcard.

Dear DMC,

There are times I find roundabouts to be too exciting. For something calmer, I love visiting car parks. I’m on constant lookout for the rare ones I find to be utterly delightful.

Car Parks are like any other buildings. You get bad ones, you get good ones. However, sometimes you can get dramatic parking structures that can look like forbidding fortresses against dark gun-metal skies.

There are more accident insurance claims made in car parks than on the open road. So there is something quite menacing and scary going on in these dark, dank, brooding places.

A lot of the multistories, built in the sixties and seventies, were meant to house a certain sized car. Nobody expected the huge 4 x 4s. So a lot of these car parks are no longer fit for purpose. They can be cramped, badly lit, smelly, and unsafe.

Once in a while along comes a spectacular car park colossus, gleamingly clean, spectacular views from the top floor, safe wide parking, melodic background music, rocket-speed lifts, and exhilarating exit ramps. It’s then that my hobby becomes an utter delight.

I formed the Car Park Appreciation Society in 2010. So far, I’m the only member.