I recently came across your website thanks to UK gossip e-zine, Popbitch. The luggage carousel page is genius. How do I become a dull man?

Anyway, I noticed you don’t have information about Moldova’s only airport, Chisinau International Airport. Moldova’s pretty small but I think that we still deserve to be on your page. So just to let you know – the carousel runs counter clockwise.


Johnny McKellar
from Scotland living in Moldova 🙂

30 May 2013


Thanks Johnny . . . how do you become a dull man?

Research is underway to find out whether it’s congenital or environmental or both. From what we’ve seen so far, some men are born dull. Other men have dullness thrust upon them.

Recently one of our members was describing various ways he thinks dullness was thrust upon him. One was his mother putting silencers on his rattles.

To know whether in fact you are a dull man, we have a 15-question test, click here.