pigeon feeding

Dear DMC

News here is an evening class on pigeon feeding in Stockholm:



Steve Reszetniak


Dear Steve,

This is priceless. Government workers at their best.

As the “Diary” page linked to in the Guardian has ten entries, for our readers’ convenience I’ve excerpted the entry about learning how to properly feed pigeons and how to practice for this important undertaking:

In Stockholm – which British thinktanks visit to acquire wisdom – they offer an evening class on pigeon feeding. “We learn to break bread into suitable pieces and throw it without hitting the pigeons on the head. We practise making pigeon noises, imitating their head movements and their staring eyes to be able to blend in …” says the brochure. Honest.

  Prime Minister Cameron should add this to his Big Society vision. Get the government out of the pigeon-feeding business. Let private initiatives take over. Let private citizens and pigeons decide the pigeons’ destinies.

Here’s a picture from the Guardian about the Big Society — the two young men in the picture could just as well be looking after pigeons instead of kicking a ball:



I wonder whether there is a YouTube video of the government employees making pigeon noises, head movements, and starring eyes — blending in with pigeons.