Hi there dull men,

Today I received an email with a puzzle, which is attached below, that I think you dull men will like. (No, these are not George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV” — get your mind out of the gutter.)

I know quite a few dull men. One thing they like to do is solve puzzles. I think it’s why they are often so quiet and dull — they are thinking.

Also, this falls into your category of Essential Trivia, trivia that can make you a hit at the next dinner party you go to.

Puzzle: what do these seven words all have in common?:

1. Banana
2. Dresser
3. Grammar
4. Potato
5. Revive
6. Uneven
7. Assess

Look at each word carefully. You’ll kick yourself when you hear the answer.

No, it’s not that they have two sets of two letters that are the same, although that is interesting..

Try again.

Still no luck? Ready to give up?

OK, here’s the answer:

Answer: for each of the words, if you move the first letter of the word to the end of the word, the word is the same word only now it’s spelled backwards.

Dorothy Lynch
Columbus, Nebraska

7 words