The audience won’t let our list of simple, ordinary, practical gifts stop at 12. Suggestions keep arriving that are so interesting we can’t stop at 12. If you’d like to add to the list, please email your ideas to us

Day 17 — batteries

Always a safe bet. If all else fails, give batteries. They’ll always be needed eventually.


Day 16 — battery tester

Day 15 — cap with light

on Amazon U.K.

Day 14 — anorak

grey anorak

Anorak: emblematic of dull in the U.K. where dullsters are often referred to as Anoraks.

Day 13 — eye brow etc. trimmer

on Amazon U.K.

Day 12 — step stool


Day 11 — metronome

Day 10 — pencil sharpener

on Amazon U.K.



Up-to-date information about sharpening pencils

Xmas-pencil sharpening

David at work

Amazon UK, Amazon USA


Day 9 — ironing board



Day 8 — umbrella cover — one that drys your umbrella

Day 7 — earmuffs

Day 6 — snow globe

Day 5 — level (in U.S.), spirit level (in U.K.)

Day 4 — sock organizer

Day 3 — toaster

Day 2 — vest (in U.S.), gilet (in U.K.)

Day 1 — slippers