chimps hand shake

Dear DMC —  Happy New Year

Here is a seasonal compendium of useless knowledge from the BBC:

Best wishes

Steve Reszetniak


Dear Steve

Wow. That’s progress. So much more knowledge than we had a year ago.

Dull men will no doubt pore over and ponder these (dull men like to ponder).

Here’s what we’ve learned so far from the article:

•  Now we know that King’s Lynn in Norfolk is the caravan capital of England and Wales.

 •  There something different we can do every day of the year, two days on leap years: misspell a Welsh village’s name — a google search has uncovered 364 different ways to misspell the name of the Welsh village Betws-y-Coed.

•  Ikea has sold more than 11 million meatballs in the U.K.

•  Goats have accents. We came across this a while back. Dr. Alan McElligott — University of London who did the research for this — was nominated to be our Dull Man of the Year, click here.

•  Chimpanzees have a secret handshake. These handshakes are passed down through generations, according to a new study.


3 January 2013