At Witcham in Cambridgeshire

Recreation Field — 12:00 — competition starts around 1:00

Second Saturday in July every year — this is its 52nd year


Competitors and spectators come from all parts of the UK and from Europe, New Zealand, and the USA.

The championships began in 1971 as a fundraiser for the new Village Hall. John Tyson, headmaster at a local school, suggested it as a constructive way to harness his naughty pupils’ penchant for pea shooting. He’d been confiscating peashooters for quite a while. Why not put them to a good use?

Cream teas will be served. Also a barbecue.


Winners’ names are added to a shield, which is in memory of John Tyson


Laser-guided pea shooters bring the event into the 21st century

Secret to wining? “It’s all about selecting the right pea,” says former world champion George Hollis, a local from Witcham.


 July pea shooting