March National Quilting Day

A day to celebrate quilting — participate in quilting activities.

Quilting Day was founded and continues to be sponsored by the National Quilting Association. It began in 1992. It’s held the third Saturday of March every year.

The NQA issued a press release listing ways to celebrate on March 15. The press release also has an interesting section “A Brief History of National Quilting Day.”

The Chicago Tribune website has a helpful article: “What to do on National Quilting Day.” The activities are ranked by levels of effort needed. The levels range from low to high: “Less effort required,” “A bit more get up ad go needed, “You only do it once a year,” “For the truly ambitions.”

Some of our members like to quilt. They like to do routine things like that. They avoid, however, bright colors like many quilters use.

DMC members’ quilts:

Quilt 1

Quilt 2

Quilting groaners (dull men are fond of groaners):

How can I make a quilt without spending a lot of money? By cutting corners.

Why do quilters work only work material they like? Fabric bias.

Why was the quilting club losing members? Poor backing.

Quilt 3

Quilt 4

Quilt 56