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Free Donuts

Today is your day for free donuts. Local, independent donut shops as well as national donut chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme are handing out free donuts.

Money magazine: “How to Get Free Donuts on Friday for National Donut Day 2016



 Began in 1938

National Donut Day began as a fund raising event by the Chigaco Salvation Army to aid the needy during the Great Depression and to honor Salvation Army Lassies of WWI who served doughnuts to soldeiers. Click here for Wikipedia’s report on this.

“Doughnut” or “Donut”?

A good topic for dull men to discuss today.


Resource: “Doughnut or Donut: What’s the Difference?

Policemen love donuts



Why do cops love donuts?

There’s a good explanation here: “WHAT STARTED THE “COPS EATING DONUTS” STEREOTYPE“.


As to why donut shops were so popular among the police, the answer is simple.  Up until quite recently in history most food establishments, and also the majority of stores, closed fairly early in the evening and stayed closed all night. There were basically two options for an officer working the graveyard shift who wanted a snack and a cup of fairly good quality coffee — diners and donut shops.

Diners were generally out because their food took time to prepare and a police officer could get called away at any time.  So that left the donut shops, which were often open throughout the night, or at least in the very early a.m. because they had to have fresh donuts baked and ready for the morning rush. In addition to that, one officer stated that it isn’t just about the coffee and readily available snack either.

There’s also the fact that most donut shops have a place to sit down.  Particularly for officers in cities that walk the beat, instead of sitting in a climate controlled car, this is handy.  It’s just nice to have a place out of the weather to take a load off on a break.  The coffee and donuts are just a bonus.

Cops working the night shift who had patrol cars, also liked the well-lit place to sit down and do paperwork, which, as many police lament, is a huge part of their job.

Trend in donut holes — getting smaller

National Doughnut Week in the U.K.

Click here to get to the U.K.’s National Doughnut Week that takes place in early May.