June 18, 2012 — Oldest Light Bulb’s Birthday, 111 years old — Livermore, California

livermore light bulb
The bulb is in Livermore’s Fire House

bulb cam livermore 2 

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Although in the Bulb Cam we see the bulb is still burning, we can’t find any information about a celebration this year. Here is what we posted a year ago about the birthday of this amazing light bulb:

light bulb 110 birthday


  • It’s at the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department.
  • It burns continuously as a night light over the fire trucks.
  • It originally was a 60 watt bulb. It now shines at 4 watts.
  • It’s been declared the oldest known working light bulb by Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe-It-or-Not.
  • Ripley’s will be receiving it, when it burns out, for their museum.