gilroy garlic festival

The Gilroy Garlic Festival is one of the largest food festivals in the U.S. The festival takes place in Gilroy, California every year on the last full weekend in July.

According to Wikipedia, 108,526 people attended last year’s festival. More than 3,000,000 have attended the first 31 festivals.

A Garlic Queen is crowned each year.

Why would dull men be interested in a garlic festival? First of all, someone needs to do those headcounts. We are good at — and enjoy — counting.

Another reason is we feel we are needed when garlic is involved. We know how to tone it down.

People are interested in knowing how to toning down garlic. We found this out when googling and

The answers we found from the googling are:

  • Add parsley. We ere pleased with this answer. Finally a use for parsley has been identified.
  • To tone down garlic in pico de gallo, add more tomatoes, onions, and petters.
  • To tone down garlic in salsa, add more tomatoes and chilies.
  • To tone down garlic in humus, add more beans.
  • Finally, let the dish cook longer.