Find Hidden Driveways Month

A really fun and rewarding thing we Dull Men like to do is drive around looking for hidden driveways. When we find one, we find the owner and inform him that we’ve found his driveway.

Hidden Driveway — man wants one more than anything else in life

An Ezine article about wanting a Hidden Driveway caught our eye, “The Hidden Driveway” by Greg Gagliardi.


Although there are a lot of things Greg wants in his life, he feels that one that is actually attainable is a hidden driveway. he has wanted one for as long as he can remember.

One reason he wants one is to cut down on random visits by people he doesn’t want to see. Another reason it to make it look like he is a secret agent every time he drives out of it.

He is asking owners of hidden driveways to invite him over so he can practice backing out of one.

No Reward?


We’ve never been given a reward for finding a hidden driveway. This is not right. There should be rewards for this. We’ll be adding it to our list of Key Issues.