IAD airport — Washiongon DC — Saturday September 14

Dulles Plane Pull 2013 Main_Banner_1

Teams of 25 persons each compete to see which team can pull an Airbus the fastes.

Dulles Plane Pull closeup pulling from right

The event is a big fund raiser — has raised over $1.5 million since it began in 1993 — it’s for athletes with  intellectual disabilities


Sept Dulles Dayu Plane Pull 2

Plane Pulling has spread. Similar plane pulls take place now in Maryland, Tennessee, Texa, Colorado, and Hawaii.

For children, since an Airbus is too heavy, there’s a truck pull. Teams of children compete to see which team can pull a truck 12 feet the fastest.

Dulles Plane Pull 2013

Dulles Plane Pull chick in yellow

Dulles Plane Pull long ling of guys

Dulles Plane Pull front end view

Click here to see more on the event’s website.