Boring 2012 — Monday 25th November — York Hall in London

a boring conference sign

We are looking forward to this event and will be attending.


According to the event’s website:

The Boring conference is an annual one-day event dedicated to the boring and the mundane, the obvious and the over-looked. Nothing interesting, worthwhile or important is ever discussed at Boring.

Boring was created in response to the cancellation the 2010 Interesting conference, organised by Russell Davies. To fill the void, James Ward decided to organise a Boring conference, and, to everyone’s surprise, the event was a success. It was a sell-out in fact.

It even got covered by the Wall Street Journal.

And then, afterwards, enough people showed enough enthusiasm to warrant a follow-up, so here we are. You’ve only got yourselves to blame.

You can email James Ward by clicking on this sentence.


An event that, at least so far, promises to be boring. For a taste of the bordom you can look forward to take place there, visit the conference’s website: