November 10 — Area Code Day


Dear DMC,

Safe excitement for Dull Men: Are you celebrating Area Code Day in the U.S. with your friends and need the help of a reference guide on the subject to keep impressing them? Here it is!

Gloria Hernandez


Gloria: thanks for this. We’re putting it on our Calendar now.

By the way, we notice you’re being true to your gender — you ended using an exclamation point, a puncuation marks that’s far too exciting for us dull men.

Area Codes is a great topic for Dull Men’s Club meetings and for Dull Men to discuss on line.

Have a contest to see who know know the most area codes.

Here’s a website “Area Code History”:

It’s interesting to see how simple — how few — area codes there were back in 1947 when they started.


“My favorite day of the year”: