waiting is torture



carousels . . . lengten the line to get there

 mirrors. primping? Do dull men primp? Perhaps. Want to make certain we don’t stand out. That we look groomed.

It was good to read about     . . . . widely considered to be the world’s foremost expert on lines


occupied time, like waslkn to the baggage claim, feels shorter than unoccupied time, like standin at the baggage carousel.

I don’t know about other readers of this, but


In situations where there are seveal lines, the line I choose is always the slowest line. Perhaps some readers of this have similar expereinces.


I always seem to pick the slowest line. Perhaps other

Where there are several lines, I like it when the queuing system desgined by “Mr. Queue,” Terry Green, is used.  Click here to read about this.


Terry was a nominee for Dull Man of the Year last year.




a sensible suggestion comes at the end of the article: when all else fails, read a book.

make a note of the direction of the airport luggage casrousle and email it to us.


Or is somewhere else, look around and find something ordiarnary that is in fact interesting and email it to us.