Elena Kamas, a Stanford sophomore who has become obsessed with wet floor signs and their pictograms, meeting with DMC’s Grover Click

As Elena explains on her website, “The diversity of the pictograms was what first caught my attention, when I realized that no two wet floor signs in my dormitory were the same – and each little slipping humanoid had its own personality.”

“In just a few short months, my collection contained upwards of 20 unique pictograms (and over 100 photos). The more I looked, the more variation I observed, and I became obsessed with spotting more — photographing and documenting each new sign.”

“I decided I wanted to share my fondness with others. I created an exhibit in my dorm room. I hoped people visiting it would walk away realizing that there is art all around them, and that even seemingly dull and ubiquitous items could have a story and a life of their own.”

Dorm room converted to exhibition gallery

Elena and her friends imitating three different pictograms of humanoids slipping


3D printing — stamps for decorating apparel

3D printing machine used to print stamps of the pictograms

One of the stamps

On display in dorm room gallery