waiters racing

Dear DMC

I wondered if this piece of news was sufficiently dull, but on reflection the Belgian connection probably swings it:http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20100920/toddly-waiters-race-with-laden-trays-to-be-cc3a409.html



Steve Reszetniak

waiter with tray

Dear Steve,

This event seems to be one that the DMC can support. It goes along with the notion of Celebrating the Ordinary. Waiting tables is not exactly a glamorous job. It is a vital one, however, one that often goes unappreciated, like many jobs other Dull Men have.

Not all waiters are dull. Often they are actors who are waiting table until get get an acting job. Have you ever seen an actor acting until he can get a job as a waiter?

Waiters’ Races are good training for waiters. These races hone waiters’ skills. And, if a waiters spills something, he’s spilling on fellow racers instead of on customers.

Website: If anyone wants to organize their own waiters’ race, the resource mentioned in the news article you referred us to dishes out helpful organizations tips, statistics, and a calendar where you can list your race: waitersrace.com

Sincerely (Dull Men are always sincere, mostly)