uk motorway service areas

Dear DMC

Just been told about your website, it has kept me apathetic for 37 minutes so far.

I have never wanted to visit the US (do Americans really need to be SO enthusiastic?).  So forgive me if I am mistaken, but it appears that your Rest Areas equate to our Motorway Service Areas, of which we have a great number.

I feel that a register of service areas along with their facilities would be a suitable addition to your site.  Please note that any such list should carry a warning for travelers, who expect these sites to be consistently dull soul-less places, Westmoorland Services on the M6 is in a beautiful location, has polite staff and a varied menu of good quality food and does not represent the norm.

Describing experiences of travel is one of the top activities for Dull Men in the UK, so it is good to note that travel related items feature heavily on your site.

Keep up the good work



Dear Steve

As for a register of service areas and their facilities, we found there’s one already: