Hello.  I regret to inform you that the link on the Safe Excitement page on Darning Socks appears to be a dead link.  ‘Tis a pity.
Also, a typo on the Appreciation Societies page: Table of Contents, item #2, “bakes beans” should obviously be “baked beans”.
Art Shapiro


Thanks for bringing these two issues to our attention. We have fixed them.

Dealing with the second point first, we placed the link now on the Table of Contents. And we need to make certain links are on all the other categories listed in the Table of Contents.

As for darning, we’ve placed the bad link with a link to Wikipedia.

We’d like to reward you for your help. Can we send you something from our shop, a cap, mug, T-shirt? Here’s our shop: https://dullmensclub.com/new/dull-mens-shop.html

What’s your choice and what’s your address?