Richard Gottfried, DMC member, at Championship Adventure Golf in New Brighton

There are two days dedicated to celebrating the game of minigolf every year. The first is National Miniature Golf Day, the second Saturday in May. In 2024, the date is Saturday 11 May. The second is Miniature Golf Day. It is always on the 21st September. This year that will be Saterday.

There are tens of thousands of miniature golf courses around the world and millions of people play the game each year.

There were around 600 courses in the UK in 2006. The game has boomed in recent years and there are now more than 1,000 adventure golf, crazy golf and mini-golf layouts in the country.

The first miniature golf course, The St Andrews Ladies’ Putting Club, was created in St Andrews, Scotland in 1867. It’s better known as the Himalayas Putting Course or simply The Himilayas, It’s still open. It’s still a marvelous place to have a round.


This is from Richard Gottfried, a minigolf blogger. He and his wife Emily have visited over 1,000 miniature golf courses since 2006. For more information visit The Ham & Egger Files blog.