This is the second week of our Thread of the Week on our Facebook Group’s page. The first week’s thread was posts about sheds.

This week, members and visitors will be posting their thoughts and practices about DISHWASHER LOADING, a topic brimming with issues, major inter-spousal differences:

• Soak in sink before loading?

• Upper rack or lower rack?

• Small plates to the front, large plates in the back?

• Cutlery — group by knives, forks, spoons? Or helter-skelter?

• Cutlery — which way up?

• Which brand of detergent?

• Tablets or powder?

• If tablets, with or without power ball?

• Rinse aid or no rinse aid?

• If rinse aid, which brand?

• Dishwasher’s settings?

Here are our instructions on the group’s page:

You can post either as a comment to this post or as your own new, independent post (if an independent post, please put the hashtag #DISHWASHERLOADiNG somewhere in it that can be used to view the entire thread of these independent posts).

Include in your comment or post:

• Photo(s).

• Description. A description (succinct please) of how you address the issues listed above.

• Hashtag. Don’t forget to put in #DISHWASHERLOADING if yours is an independent post.

Apart from this thread, also keep posting as usual. This thread is an addition to, not a replacement for, the great stuff you have been posting up to now.


DMC Admin