This Dull Man reads grammar books for fun. 

Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style has always been my favorite.  This review of a paean to that book explains why:

A Brief History of The Elements of Style and What Makes It Great — reviewed in “Brain Pickings”:

Mark R Yeatts
Lexington, South Carolina

February 6, 2012


Extreme Grammarian?

Dear Mark,

This is interesting indeed. It’s a fascinating new book to read.

It’s author, Mark Garvey, is described in the Brain Pickings article as a “self-professed extreme Elements of Style enthusiast.”

We have heard of Extreme Ironing. I see now there is an Extreme Grammarian.

Garvey says his favorite cover of The Elements of Style is the cover for the Third Edition — here it is:

strunk 3rd edition