slippers magellan

Dull Men love slippers. Slippers are always a safe bet for a Christmas gift give to a Dull Man.

Slippers can be found is all clothing and department stores. Recently we came across some we like. Particularly their color. They are the ones pictured above. The are from Magellan’s Travel Supplies:

These slippers are:

•  Comfortable and practical

•  Comfortable because they have cushioned soles — as well as small ridges that massage as you walk (nothing exciting, only a mild massaging suitable for Dull Men)

•  Practical because they prevent feet contacting with bad things around swimming pools, locker rooms,  etc. — like viruses that cause plantar warts

•  Practical because they prevent slipping on slipery surfaces (so why are they called “slippers?”)

*  Practical because they are washable

*  Easy to slip on (is this why they are called “slippers”?)

*  Perfect when traveling — they come with a travel case or simply lay them out flat in your suitcase

*  Even sturdy enough for short jaunts outdoors

•  They come in a gray/black. Also solid black.