Bus Stop in the Algarve — least exciting live web cam in the world?

April 15, 2006

Dear DMC,

After my Coventry baggage belt e-mail, i suddenly remembered my friend in 
Portugal has the least exciting live web-cam in the world [exclamation mark

It overlooks Burgau bus-stop in the Algarve. Wouldn’t even stimulate a brain cell. Check it out.


Enjoy it if you can.


Dear Jim,

This is a good web cam for dull men to watch. There certainly is no reason to travel to
the Algarve if we can enjoy what it has to offer with a web cam like this.

We see that you are getting better with your letters to us.  There was only one
 exclamation mark in this letter for us to remove whereas your earlier letter had
 three.  The excitement of writing to us is wearing off.  That is a good sign.
 We apparently are having an affect on you — apparently we are dulling you