“I live on the coast of Maine, am a lifelong birder, travel in my work, and take amateur pictures everywhere I go. Taking pictures has created a disposition in me of noticing things. The more pictures I take, the more small things seem photo-worthy. I love discovering images that are not obvious on the first pass.”

Denver, Colorado (2016)

“Manhole covers are intriguing to me because they are strictly functional. They are part of our streets and sidewalks. We walk on them and drive over them. They could be tossed off the forge as flat heavy plates of iron, yet someone decides to invest time, creative thought and engineering expertise to impart a pattern on their surface. A few are even artistic and historic.”

Bozeman, Montana (2016)

Gorlitz, Germany (2015)

Frieburg, Germany (2015)

“I also appreciate finding manhole covers and other “permanent structures” that are becoming reclaimed by nature. Lichen or moss sometimes grow in the iron grooves of manholes, for example, especially ones that are off the beaten path.”

Frieburg, Germany (2015)

Dresden, Germany (2015)