Dear DMC,

I’m not sure whether admitting my fondness for Twinkies, Ho Hos, Cupcakes, and Ding Dongs will jeopardize my DMC membership. I hope it won’t.

I’ve been following the outcome of Hostess Bakeries — I just now heard some breaking news about what’ll be happening to the various parts of the company.

Joe Kerr
New York

PS: I also liked Wonder Bread


Dear Joe,

This is interesting indeed — impressive to see business and government move so quickly. Some of our members who are lawyers (many of our members are lawyers) tell us bankruptcies usually take much longer to be resolved.



Breaking News

Hostess Bakeries — Broken Apart and Sent Separate Ways

The U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of Hostess Brands, Inc. has given expedited approval for the liquidation and breakup of Hostess Bakeries. The judge’s ruling provides that, in the liquidation distributions, the brands of the company shall be distributed as follows:

•  The State Department will hire all the Twinkies

•  The Secret Service will hire all the HoHos

•  The Smisonian will display the Wonder Bread

•  U.S. Army Generals can continue sleeping with all the Cupcakes

•  The voters already sent all the Ding Dongs to Congress, Senate, and White House


hostess wonder bread

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