one or two spaces

Dear DMC
I have always believed that it is a good idea to leave two spaces after a full stop (period).  This man disagrees very forcefully.  I have no idea if he is right, but this looks like a good topic for discussion by dull men.


Best wishes
Steve Reszetniak

27 July 2012


Dear Steve,

We didn’t realize until we read the article that “one or two spaces” has such a facinating history.

Yes, it it is a good topic for Dull Men’s Club meetings. The discussions are not likely to be as heated as the views expressed by Farhaad Manjoo, the article’s author.

I think the reason may people think two spaces are needed is that, back in the days of typewriters, that’s what typing instructors drilled into them.

It’s probably a generational thing. Use of two spaces will probably die off as the (older) typers who use two spaces die off.

Best wishes,