Dear DMC,

I came across this from Han Fischer — it’s right up our alley:

I have been photographing French supermarket trolley garages for a while.

Imagine if we still went shopping with just a shopping bag. We couldn’t bring cat litter or large packets of laundry detergent home. As in old times, our purchases would be limited to what we could carry, and we would probably shop every day at local stores.

Supermarkets have changed all that, as have lifestyles and shopping patterns. Almost everyone uses a supermarket trolley when they do their daily, weekly, or even monthly shopping. The supermarket trolley is a necessity.  They are collected in ‘garages’, or ‘hangars’. These photos show some of the different garages I found in French villages. They are all different, in the materials chosen whether plastic or galvanized steel. Their sizes are different too. Of special interest is their roofs, from square and dull, to flowing and even inspiring.

Sincerely (dullsters are always sincere, mostly).

Herman Val