Dear DMC,

I read with interest the article “Is L.L. Bean Driving the Runway?” in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal about the trend towards Barbour, Filson, and Stetson. And Gucci, Prada, and Helmut Lang becoming passe. The articles says, “Everyone was bound to get a bit tires of that effete, tailored, Italian designer “uniform” that the Prada of the world have been pushing on men for the past decade.”

The death of luxury and a trend to duller clothes?

Wilbur Garment


Dear Wilbur,

This development is in the right direction, although there is still some trendiness in L.L. Bean, Barbour, Filson, and Stetson. Hopefully the trend will get to even less luxurious and more practical clothes. Carhartt.