Nov dull t'giving card
Dullest Thanksgiving greeting card we can find

Thanksgiving is a day for dull men to be thankful for:

•  There’s more to enjoying a dull life than watching paint dry. Raking leaves for example—by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, leave are falling, ready to be raked.

•  There may be snow—shoveling snow is also a fun thing for dull men to do.

•  There also are many drab days—many days are gray [our favorite color.

•  Thanksgiving dinners—sitting around a big table listening to boring conversations and eating turkey, the blandest, dullest of meats.

•  Roasting the turkey—hopefully the oven has a door with a window so you can watch the Turkey roast; better yet the turkey is roasting on a rotisserie, so you can watch the turkey going around and around.•

•  If the dinner becomes too boring, you can try to leave the table to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. It’s the parade’s 88 year.

•  If you are lucky enough to actually be in New York, you can not only watch the parade live, the night before you can watch the parade balloons being inflated on Central Park West.