The basics

Blog entries about this week remind us of the basics of dealing with the onslought of paper — here’s a good one, The Cutter Diet Blog: http://www.clutterdietblog.com/2009/04/national-organize-your-files-week-yippee.htm.

ACT” — action, reference, trash. Only the “reference” items are to be filed.

Paper acquires tenure

DMC member Kelvin says, “Paper acquires tenure.” So true. The longer you hang on to papers, documents, clippings, etc., the harder it is to toss them out.

Should be earlier?

The week is scheduled to be the week that comes after the April 15 dealine for filing individual income tax returns in the U.S. But shouldn’t the time to orgzinze your papers, some of which have tax information, come before instead of after this deadline?

“Filing as Art Form”

“I get high putting things in their proper folders — filing has become my most creative means of expression,” says Ralph Keyes in his encouraging article about filing: www.ralphkeyes.com/docs/filing.pdf

Impress lady friends?

A dull man’s alternative to the romantic cliché, “Would you like to come up to see my etchings?”: “Would you like to come up to see my filing system?”

Another way a dull man might deal with this etching matter was depicted a cartoon by James Thurber,  “You wait here and I’ll bring the etchings down,” which can be ordered from The New Yorker’s Cartoon Bank: www.cartoonbank.com/1930s/You-wait-here-and-Ill-bring-the-etchings-down/invt/106061