National Mustard Day — August 7, 2011 — [annually, first Saturday of August]

mustard day

National Mustard Day is held each year on the day the National Mustard Museum opened in 1992.

The museum traces its origins to Barry Levenson, former Assistant Attorney General of Wisconsin. Barry started collecting mustard jars in 1986 while despondent over the failure of the Boston Red Sox to win the 1986 World Series (which makes sense?).

Barry’s initial 12 jars have now grown to a collecting of more than 5,100 mustards from 60 countries. There also are items of mustard memorabilia and exhibits illustrating history of mustard.


There will be free hot dogs. And free mustard of course. It you want katsup, there’s a $10 surcharge.

An exciting event, exciting at least for us dull men, will be the Cheese Maze.


All in all, however, National Mustard Day was almost too exciting for us. We survived, however. thanks to French’s.


This year National Mustard is being celebrated the new location of the Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin. Formerly it was in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

Mount Horeb seems to be coping OK with its loss of the Mustard Museum. It still has its 39 mile biking and hiking train and a strong Norwegian heritage — so strong that Mount Horeb is know as the Troll Capital of the World.


Mustard Trivia: 700,000,000 pounds of mustard are consumed around the world annually. Americans consume the most.

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