March 18 and 19, 2017  —  13th annual World’s Original Marmalade Festival — Dalmain Mansion & Gardens, Cumbria


Over 2,000 jars of marmalade, a significant increase from the 50 jars in 2oo5, the first year of the festival. Entries come from all over the world. Winners will be available for purchasing at Fortnum & Mason in London.

Competition categories: Seville Orange Marmalade, Any Citrus Marmalade, Dark Chunky Marmalade, Bed & Breakfast and Hotel Marmalade, Children’s’ Marmalade, Man-Made Marmalade, Romantic Marmalade for Valentine’s Day.


A dream job — judging marmalade:

marmalade wi judges 1a

March Marmalade two judges

Festival’s market area:


Click here for the festival’s website

Three-minute YouTube video — founder showing how to wrap marmalade for posting:

how to pack marmalade

515th Anniversary of Marmalade Imported into England . . . we blogged about this in 2014 . . . click here