Fill Staplers Day — March 12 — in U.S., Canada and elsewhere where Daylight Saving Time starts March 11 (occurs biannually on Mondays that follow Sundays when clocks change to and from daylight saving time)


The Dull Men’s Club has established two Fill Your Staplers Days each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Have you ever been annoyed when your stapler runs out of staples, which usually happens when you are in a rush to send out a document? We have. We are going to do something about it. We think that, if two days each year are designated as days to fill our staplers, the empty staplers predicament will be greatly alleviated.

The two days will be (1) the day after clocks change from daylight saving time in November and (2) the day after clocks change to daylight saving time in March.

The day after clocks change are good days for doing this. The day clocks change in the spring has been designated as Check Your Batteries Day. We could designate Fill Your Staplers Day to be that day as well but, when added to changing clocks and checking on batteries, that could be too much to do all in one day. So we’ll do it the next day, which is better anyway because we are back in the office then.

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