11/11/11 — Grandest Annual Meeting of the Corduroy Appreciation Club — on the best date ever for representing corduroy

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Grandest Meeting Ever — New York City — starting at 8:11, adjourning at 11:11 — at the Refectory at The Desmond Tutu Center on Tenth Avenue

all wales welcome

Click here for info: http://corduroyclub.com/cordulog/long-last-the-grandest-announcement.html


Events thoughtout the U.S. — Washington DC, Chicago, Montana (Big Wale Country instead of Big Sky Country for this day)

Click here for info: http://corduroyclub.com/cordulog/111111-corduroy-club-events-chicago-d-c-montana-san-francisco.html


Washington DC

Click here: http://corduroyclubdc.eventbrite.com/


They’re having a wale of a time 11 days leading up to 11/11/11

Click here for info: http://corduroyclub.com/cordulog/the-11-days-of-corduroy.html


Corduroy Appreciaton Club — on our Appreciation Societeis page

Click here: https://dullmensclub.com/new/appreciation-societies/9-appreciation-societies/17-corduroy.htmlhttps://dullmensclub.com/new/appreciation-societies/9-appreciation-societies/17-corduroy.html