“Wear muted colors — we don’t want you to scare our
sheep,” Tour de France cyclists are told by authorities

York Tour de France begins in Yorkshire
This year’s Tour de France begins in Leeds, Yorkshire’s largest city

 York tour map & logo
Day 1 Leeds to Harrogate — Day 2: York to Sheffield

Grumpy Yorkshierman
“When in Rome, do as the Romans do — When in Yorkshire, do as the Yorkshiremen do”

Colours — not this:

Bright colours


covered by grey sweater vest

  Foat Cap

We wear flat caps up here. Forget about those strange things you wear, the one with holes. Wear a flat cap. Or, or you think you must wear one of those things, we’ll give you a flat cap to wear on top.

Flat cap over helmet


Trouser clips

If you forget your fancy pants clips, we can supply you with binder twine

Binder Twine 2

 Two sheep at end
We’ll see ewe ‘ere soon

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