chrome cup holders

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Nice Ride, Now Where Does My Phone Go?“, got us to thinking about cup holders.

Dull men like cup holders. It goes along with the rule we like “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Cup holders are of course for cups. That’s how they began.

What about all the other stuff we travel with nowadays? Especially smart phones. And laptops, tablets notepads, purses, change for parking and tolls, snacks?

After reading the article, we see that a big problem is the wide array of sizes of all of these things.

We had a discussion — a few things came up:

 •  Modular holders. Make places in the car where modules can be inserted, modules designed for various sizes of coffee cups, cell phones, etc. The modules can be designed, produced, and sold by car manufacturers as well as coffee companies, phone companies, and others.

•  Flat-top dashboards. Instead of those fancy curvy dashboards, have dashboards with flat tops. Stuff fits nicely on flat tops. Cover the tops with a material that will prevent the stuff from sliding around.

•  Trash bins? The article, at the end of it, deals with stuff that’s become trash. Where to put it? The simplest solution is a few plastic shopping bags stashed away in one of the other holders in the car.

cup holders

 We googled to see whether there’s a Cup Holder Appreciation Society. We didn’t find any. Should we start one? It would be a goof forum for further discussions of this important topic.

We could set it up on Facebook like we’ve done for park benches and airport luggage carousels.

cup holders and dash