Rndabt Duck Pond

Congratulations to Otford and its Duck Pond Roundabout, winner of the prestigious Roundabout of the Year award presented by the Roundabout Appreciation Society.

Rndabt Kevin shooting Duck Pond

The award was announced Monday by Kevin Beresford, president of the Roundabout Appreciation Society:

Rndabt Kevin pres

The announcement was made on BBC Radio’s The Chris Evans Breakfast Show [warning to dull men—there’s an exclamation mark in this URL]:


To get to the moment of the exciting announcement, fast forward to 2;13.15  (2 hours, 13 minutes, 15 second into the show).

A captivating video of the Duck Pond Roundabout produced by Screen 3 Productions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9YOZQSukzs

The Daily Mail: complete coverage, with stunning pictures, of this roundabout as well as others on the 2014 calendar: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2449652/Otford-roundabout-duck-pond-voted-Britains-best.html

This Is Kent — local reporting of this big happening in the county: http://www.thisiskent.co.uk/Otford-duck-pond-crowned-national-roundabout-year/story-19897539-detail/story.html#axzz2hEklf7Sz

The calendar can be ordered from the society’s website: http://www.roundaboutsofbritain.com/go-to-shop-2/best-of-british-roundabouts-2013-calendar/roundabouts-of-the-world-2014-calendar/