Andrew-Dowd-6473964“Mission Accomplished” — Andrew back home in Wigan

Clearly a nominee for our Dull Men of the Year list.

Andrew Dowd, 23-year-old teacher from Wigan (Greater Manchester), began his mission after taking a family photo with a station sign in the background.

After that, he decided to visit every station in Greater Manchester.

And then it spiraled — visiting and photographing every station in England, Scotland and Wales.

That was four years ago. He has now completed the epic journey. “I thought it would take me the rest of my life gu then I tought it’s easier if I just do it now,” he told the Manchester Evening News.

“I take a picture and, depending on what time of day, I get a drink or eat a bite. I take a little look round if it’s interesting but most aren’t very interesting. Stations like St Pancras I’ll spend longer in.”

Strange as it may seem, he travelled to each station by car, not train, because it is quicker and cheaper.

There’s a gallery of stunning photos — to see some click here: