I arrived in Spokane last night. Although I was traveling with carryon on this trip, it didn’t keep me from checking out the luggage carousels. 


One thing I was curious about as regards Spokane’s airport — perhaps you have been curious about this too — why is its the code “GEG.”

I googled and found this fascinating answer:

In 1941, the Department of the Defense purchased the area then known as “Sunset Field” from Spokane County for a World War II B-17 and C-47 training facility. Following the acquisition, they renamed the facility Geiger (GEG) Field in honor of Major Harold C. Geiger, a pioneer in Army aviation and ballooning. In 1946, a portion of the airfield was designated a municipal airport, and commercial airline operations were moved from Felts Field to Geiger Field. In 1960, the facility was renamed Spokane International Airport.

Why the horse on the carousel? It probably has something to do with the Looff Carrousel in River Front Park, which is discussed on our Park Benches Appreciation Society group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340204639412375/